August 2020

Blue Smoke

For the month of August 2020, we chose to crown Rose Haze as the CWM Music Shero!


On top of being a super talented musician and bandleader, Rose has contributed a lot to her community lately. We commend her efforts leading our community as a host on our new online wellness broadcast series, CWM Meditation Monday. Rose is also the video editor for the show. Her music is featured in the episodes as well, setting a meditative tone. The show raises funds for our CWM Wellness Fund.

Rose also donates %40 of the proceeds from her latest single "Edge of Something" to the CWM COVID-19 Artist Relief Fund.

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San Francisco Bay Area

Roze Haze

Rose Haze is a brutally honest rolling stone with a vast songwriting style.


She now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and her musical coven is cultivating an even hazier dream sound.


Fuzzy textural colorful guitar, dark violin tones, and trippy organ leads create a pop style that dances between an alt-indie rock and deep psych.


Her music catalog tells stories of the lone traveler experiencing blissful highs and devastating lows while on the road to nowhere, somewhere, and anywhere set to mood-oriented sonic canvases.


She released her new single "Edge of Something" in March of 2020, with a portion of proceeds going towards COVID-19 related causes. 

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Roze Haze

San Francisco Bay Area



What is a shero?

There are heroes and there are sheroes. We've decided to highlight up and coming womxn musicians that are making waves in supporting their communities with their art! The Music Sheroes section will celebrate select artists starting August 2020.

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At California Women's Music, we believe it is important to foster sisterhood and friendship in our communities by supporting and highlighting those who are invested in their craft and community giving.

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