September 2020



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For the month of September 2020, we chose to crown Vanessa Silberman as the CWM Music Shero! 

Vanessa is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, A&R and an entrepreneur. Her company, A Diamond Heart Production provides state of the art production, engineering, mixing and  mastering, pre-production, co-songwriting, artist development, and A&R services.


She is a Grammys Recording Academy Member. Co-Chair of the New York Soundgirls Chapter. California Women's Music is the proud fiscal sponsor for We commend Vanessa for her continued contributions to our communities and her work with

Here is what the press is saying about our sheroe, Vanessa:


“Preaches positivity and empowerment” & “Draws on authentic, raw emotions to encourage her audience to love and fully accept themselves. A mantra that we can all get behind.” -Popular TV


“She has the energy and enthusiasm needed to attract more overall awareness” - SLC Weekly


”Vanessa Silberman was born to play music, and with her talents and work ethic, it’s no wonder her notoriety is continuing to grow”-

“Alt grunge/singer-songwriter, Vanessa Silberman, dubbed the “DIY queen” and “nothing less than a super human” named the touring singer and guitarist one of the hardest working bands of 2019, 2018 as well as 2017 (as she managed to play over 200 shows that year alone). Vanessa has done over 20 tours between 2015-2020 and played over 800 shows across the U.S. as well as in the UK & Europe supporting 2 EP’s (Brighter in Bloom & self-titled) and various singles released through her label

We are thrilled that Vanessa has joined CWM in efforts to raise funds for all that we stand for by sponsoring and co-hosting the CWM Rebirth Virtual Fest.

Click to learn more about Vanessa and A Diamond Heart Production.

Brooklyn, NY

Vanessa Silberman

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About A Diamond Heart Production

A Diamond Heart Production is an Artist Development Label, Recording, Music & Publishing Company. Vanessa works closely with bands and artists to help them develop different aspects of their career focusing on everything (production, recording, mixing, mastering, co-songwriting, pre pro, helping artists set up releases, release plans, branding, helping with bios, setting up recording sessions, finding studios & players, co writing for radio and more.)

The label also offers a very community driven home and spirit on the label side as well distribution (Symphonic Distribution) for releases. The label prides itself on being a Artist Friendly Music Company with Old School Record Label Traits and a New School State of Mind in the digital age. 


Vanessa Silberman's Background


Vanessa Silberman is a Los Angeles based Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, independent A&R, Record Producer, Engineer, Booker, Graphic Artist, Entrepreneur and much more. 

Having worked in the music industry for over 19 years, both as an artist and on the business-side, Vanessa has done everything from Online / Street Marketing (Epitaph Records, Nettwerk Music, V2, WBR)  to freelance A&R and Scouting artists for Radio Tech Start-up ( and various publishing companies. 


Vanessa has also worked regularly or on sessions at some numerous studio’s around thew world (Studio 606 *8028 Sound City Neve, The Village, BOP Recording Studio, Fireside Sound, Mad Oak, Jamdek) and assisted Music Execs like Warner Brothers Records past COO CO/President Livia Tortella as well as assisted, set up partnerships and production coordinated for Music Producer & Songwriter Dr. Luke.

She also has done Publishing Royalties (Bug Music / Windswept), made Budgets, Contracts & Advanced Tours for Bands (Redbird MGMT) as well as Tour Managed, Settled Shows, Operated Doors or sold Merch at some of the most popular venues (Bootleg Theatre, Troubadour, Silverlake Lounge) in LA. 


Vanessa has covered a lot of ground, had just about every job in the industry and worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Visit Vanessa's Allmusic Credits.

With a unique background Vanessa can give both artists & industry, work and insight that is both effective & different from the norm. 

Want to support women in music? Consider hiring Vanessa Silberman, Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer and A&R for your next project. Visit A Diamond Heart Production's Website to learn more. 

Brooklyn, NY

Vanessa Silberman

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