In 2014 Victoria Fitzgerald, a musician, teacher, and mother, founded California Women's Music to provide support, uplift, empower, and facilitate the development and growth of womxn and girls in the fields of music, business, education, and fine arts. We provide hands-on real industry experience in event production, booking, live sound, visual media, public relations, and social media management. Through our grant programs and funds, we provide the womxn and girls of California with resources for well being, mental health, extracurricular educational activities, creative fulfillment, enrichment, and financial stimulus at times of need.

We are rooted in our communities.

Together, there is nothing we can't achieve.


We believe in equal opportunity, equal representation and equal pay. We are here to highlight womxn until we reach equality.

Our Mission

With our live concerts and educational events, we strive to close the gender representation gap.

To this day the lack of female representation is sadly prevalent in our society, culturally and systematically enforced - we are here to change that.


Our Vision

 More womxn and girls headlining large scale events

More womxn in leadership roles 

More womxn owned businesses

More resources for womxn

More sisterhood

We Need Your Support Today!

California Women's Music

California Women's Music is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. As an event-centric nonprofit our activities include pop-up concerts, benefit shows, educational events, and large scale music and art festivals. All in a celebration of womxn and girls in music, art, literature, poetry, and business. 


Tax ID: 47-1361148

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